[ardour-users] new song on-line

Thomas Rooney tom at fdsworldwide.com
Wed Nov 16 09:06:42 PST 2005

Dave Phillips wrote:

>  Thanks again to everyone who listened to my latest offering. I have 
>more stuff to put on-line (I've been busy), 
>  I wanted to note that the recording and mix were done with Ardour 0.99 
>on an 800 MHz machine (AMD Duron cpu) running Red Hat 9 with a 2.4 
>kernel (an old Planet CCRMA system). No xruns occurred during any part 
>of the process.
>	And of course my buddy was *really* upset when he considered the cost-effectiveness of 
>Linux+Ardour against what it cost him to gear up with PT and its 
>  I'm lovin' it... :)
Good man Dave (tipping my hat).

My Girlfriend and I love your song. She was very surprised when I told 
her how you recorded it.
A friend of mine who works in a BIG studio gave me an old ProTools 
system worth $$$$ in its day
but does not give me the warm feeling I get when I use Ardour(will the 
PT hardware ever work with Ardour).

Please don't stop I'm lovin' it... :) too

All the best...


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