[ardour-users] new song on-line

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Wed Nov 16 06:12:57 PST 2005


  Thanks again to everyone who listened to my latest offering. I have 
more stuff to put on-line (I've been busy), but it'll have to wait until 
I get back from India, where I'll be presenting Ardour and other Linux 
audio softs at the FOSS-IN conference, Nov 29 through Dec 2. Another 
song and some instrumentals are on the way.

  I wanted to note that the recording and mix were done with Ardour 0.99 
on an 800 MHz machine (AMD Duron cpu) running Red Hat 9 with a 2.4 
kernel (an old Planet CCRMA system). No xruns occurred during any part 
of the process.

  I also wanted to send deep thanks to Paul and all other Ardour 
developers. As I learn to use Ardour more effectively I'm constantly 
amazed and pleased at how easily I can do the jobs required. A friend 
stopped by last night, he runs Pro Tools in a small home studio that's 
much nicer than my little setup. He was most impressed by Ardour and 
rather upset that I got such a better sound from my system than he's 
getting from his. Well, I'm sure that some of that is because he's not 
fully conversant with his system, but it does point to the effectiveness 
of Linux as a viable platform for serious audio work. And of course my 
buddy was *really* upset when he considered the cost-effectiveness of 
Linux+Ardour against what it cost him to gear up with PT and its 

  I'm lovin' it... :)



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