[ardour-users] editing question

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Mon Nov 14 08:21:44 PST 2005

Peter Hagen <peter at wingsofdeath.nu>:
> for. I recorded 3 song in3 different sessions, cause I wanted to keep
> the data ordered and clean. Now i want to put the 3 sessions together
> to make a final mix. Is there any way to merge these sessions? Some
> of the samples aren't the same length, and don't have the same
> startpoint. I don't want to lose the region settings off these
> samples... is there any way to do that?

Because of the flexibility of the whole system there are a number of 
ways to do that. Maybe the least tedious is to have 2 instances of 
Ardour run at the same time and have one play to the other. Goes like 

1. ardour -c mastersession (set up a session with the amount of tracks 
you need etc. Templates major handy here as always.)
2. ardour -c song1
3. mastersession's track inspector lets you connect the outputs of song1 
to the inputs of mastersession's tracks (Could also use pre or post 
fader sends from song1's tracks). Big clickety-click to set that all up 
but it's worth the trouble because
4. Rec-enable and start transport gets you perfectly aligned copies of 
song1's tracks
5. Do all that again to bring in the other songs

What do you mean with "final mix"? A loudness-balanced sequence of 3 
songs? If so why not finish the 3 songs one by one, export mastermixes 
to broadcast wavs, import those in a new session and have it run 
through redirects/gain automation/jamin?


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