[ardour-users] Looking for Delta1010/envy24control info

7lb9oz Productions viipoundproductions at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 15:57:48 PST 2005

Hello again, 
If the envy24control application cannot be controlled with midi, then what is the midi channel option for?

Joseph Dell'Orfano <fullgo at dellorfano.net> wrote:
As far as the BCF2000, it works well with Ardour. This does not control
the envy24 mixer app which is useful only for hardware monitoring while
recording. I followed the section in the Ardour manual wiki to set my
BCF up and it was very easy (www.ardour.org)


On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 20:40 -0800, 7lb9oz Productions wrote:
> Hello all, 
> I have just replaced my old, old...OLD Yamaha
> DSPFactory with a Delta 1010, and I am looking for the
> best place to get alot of information about my new
> settup. I have read the man envy24control page, and
> it appears that the mixer can be remote controlled via
> midi, but it doesnt say how to program it or anything
> like that. Is this true? Can I use my Behringer
> BCF2000 to remote control the envy24control mixer? 
> With the DSPFactory, I had presets for the C-Console
> mixer as well as for Cubase SX, and while I do realize
> that the Delta does not have the same onboard
> processors as the DSPF, I would still like to control
> the faders from my BCF2000 as it has just become part
> of the way I work.
> Also, I am looking for the more general type of info
> about recording single/multiple tracks into ardour
> with this card. I know that this is largely just
> learning the card, but I also know that some of you
> out there are also using Delta 1010's, and so I would
> like to hear from those people as to how they set up,
> and also links to any good articles pertaining to this
> card in linux, (if there are any). 
> Thanks to all, I have (so far), thoroughly enjoyed
> solving all of my little problems with the help of
> these lists.
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Joseph Dell'Orfano 

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