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Mon Nov 7 12:15:24 PST 2005

To quote from http://ardour.org/manual/support, under "Problems, Bugs, Known Issues":

* ardour's interpretation of "beats per minute" is different from most other programs and from convention. 1 "beat" is whatever the meter in effect defines. Thus, 120 bpm in a 4/4 meter is 120 quarter notes per minute; 120 bpm in a 3/8 meter is 120 eighth notes per minute.

(end quote)

I'm not necessarily endorsing; merely reporting. :)

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> So if tempo is 120bpm, then quarter note at 4/4 is 500ms length and at 8/8
> quarter note length is 1000ms ? It can't be. Quarter note should be 500ms
> length both at 4/4 and at 8/8.
> Can you confirm that both rosegarden and muse metronomes are wrong. I just
> checked the metronomes on these two applications. I am sure that Cubase
> metronome works the same way like those two applications.
> What I knew in music theory at school, that at the same tempo quarter note
> is longer than 8th note two times.
> Please, check other applications. I am not sure that you are right.

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