[ardour-users] ardour-users Digest, Vol 22, Issue 12

mArukqs marukas at hardcore.lt
Mon Nov 7 12:46:26 PST 2005

Ah yes - now I see.
I will try to import long WAV with 8th notes clicks for now. Faster clicks
help to identify mistakes made by musicians better.

This metronome is good for slow music, but for speed metal and fast 8th
note guitar riffs it's better to use something external.


> To quote from http://ardour.org/manual/support, under "Problems, Bugs,
> Known Issues":
> * ardour's interpretation of "beats per minute" is different from most
> other programs and from convention. 1 "beat" is whatever the meter in
> effect defines. Thus, 120 bpm in a 4/4 meter is 120 quarter notes per
> minute; 120 bpm in a 3/8 meter is 120 eighth notes per minute.
> (end quote)

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