[ardour-users] cmt or at least freeverb for osx?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Fri Nov 4 10:07:29 PST 2005

On 11/4/05, Eric <ej at ir.iit.edu> wrote:
> More follow up on teaching an everyday macosx user to use ardour:
> She is still actively using it and not reverting to cubase, that's
> big.  The biggest problem is there are some skipping noises in some of
> the recordings.  They sound like xruns to me, although without
> jack/ardour running from a terminal, I don't have any access to
> warnings.  I've got her turning up the jack buffer size to 2048 now
> days, closing the mixer window so the meters aren't taking CPU, and
> stopping the cursor from following the playhead.  Kind of sad on a
> 1.25GHz G4 with 512MB of RAM when only recording two tracks and not
> running any other programs.  Maybe recording to her firewire drive
> would be better than the internal ATA100 one?

I have some been experiencing similar issues recently with JACK and my
presonus firebox.  There are no overruns occurring (try starting jack
with qjackctl (dmg available on the ardour site) so you can easily
monitor them).

If you zoom all the way in on one of the glitches in ardour, what does
it look like?  For me, the issues look like single sample glitches,

I cannot reproduce the issues with the firebox using garageband without JACK.


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