[ardour-users] cmt or at least freeverb for osx?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 09:59:26 PST 2005

On 11/4/05, Eric <ej at ir.iit.edu> wrote:
> More follow up on teaching an everyday macosx user to use ardour:
> She is still actively using it and not reverting to cubase, that's
> big.  The biggest problem is there are some skipping noises in some of
> the recordings.  They sound like xruns to me, although without
> jack/ardour running from a terminal, I don't have any access to
> warnings.

Get the QjackCtl package for OS X. It runs just like in Linux and
gives you access to the xrun messages.

 I've got her turning up the jack buffer size to 2048 now
> days, closing the mixer window so the meters aren't taking CPU, and
> stopping the cursor from following the playhead.  Kind of sad on a
> 1.25GHz G4 with 512MB of RAM when only recording two tracks and not
> running any other programs.  Maybe recording to her firewire drive
> would be better than the internal ATA100 one?


> Also, some of the plugins aren't doing anything.  The valve and
> rectifier distortion ones, for example, don't have any effect when i
> disable/enable them with whatever settings.  The allpass delay crashed
> ardour when we tried to add it.  The multivoice chorus cuts out
> entirely when I increase the voices above one, but that may be my lack
> of understanding how it's supposed to work...  This isn't really an
> ardour issue, but it seems to me many of the plugins just need more
> sensible defaults...they often default to doing nothing...very
> confusing for a new user.
> When exporting, you can't set WAV format to be big-endian (not sure if
> this is necessary), but if you switch to AIFF and set it to
> big-endian, then switch back to WAV it remains that way.  As a
> usability note, she was confused as to why the exports had no sound in
> them, until I reminded her the outputs from her tracks need to go into
> the master bus.  I think those might have gotten switched up when she
> switched between her firewire device to the internal audio and back
> again.
> Another confusing thing for new users is the piling up of bad takes.
> It seems like you're overwriting a track when you re-record it, but
> really she had gathered tons of bad takes.  She would have never found
> "remove last capture" way at the bottom of the edit menu on her own.
> I couldn't figure out immediately how to destroy old captures without
> a right-button mouse...it's not on the context menu for the audio list
> on the right.  Not sure what to do about this, but piling up a bunch
> of unused regions probably contributes to ardour seeming slow and
> xrunish.
> Next I will experiment with her sending me zipped up ardour session
> directories and my trying to work with them on Linux.  Think it'll work?

I want to hear your results. I'm busy here with other things and have
that on my todo list.

good luck,

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