[ardour-users] OS Question

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Fri Nov 4 05:14:32 PST 2005

7lb9oz Productions wrote:

>Hello again, sorry to keep asking you specifically so
>many questions, but it appears that you are doing
>exactly what I have wanted to do and didnt think I
>could so I still have that slightly-jaw-dropped shock.
>Can I ask why you have the /boot on a seperate
>partition?, Also what are the sizes of these
>partitions?  I am going to be using about 10 - 12 Gigs
>for this installation, so I am just curious.  Would 10
>be large enough for a typical OS and the swap space?
separate /boot just seemed reasonable to help avoiding corruption since 
it's so critical. the fedora installation defaults to that, and i saw no 
good reason not to go that way.

i neglected to mention swap is a separate partition too, of course. it's 
2Gb. i've got 1Gb ram.

/boot: 99Mb
/: 53Gb
my external audio drives are usually 250Gb

used space, including swap but excluding the external drives and some 
audio that's currently on /home, is 9Gb. this system has quite a lot of 
the planet-ccrma software on it, including devel packages, as well as 
some stuff i've compiled separately. so, i'd be inclined to say you can 
easily do it in 10-12Gb, but it obviously depends on how many and what 
sort of applications you need.


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