[ardour-users] OS Question

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Thu Nov 3 17:18:33 PST 2005

7lb9oz Productions wrote:

> Hello,
> > i've got my system (including /home) on an ext3 partition, then i use
> > xfs external drives for all my audio. xfs has been excellent for me, 
> Does this mean, the OS including /, and /home and everything all on 
> one partition?  I have been considering doing that and making the 
> other HD just for audio as all of my "user" type documents just go 
> straight to the samba computer anyway. 

yes - everything except /boot, which is a separate partition on the same 
drive. my machine is a laptop with only one internal drive available.

> Also, when you say external xfs HD, what kind of external HD is it?  
> USB 2 or firewire?  I have been seriously considering this as well, 
> but the only option I currently have is USB.

i'm using usb2, since my laptop doesn't have firewire800, and my 
transfer speeds with regular firewire are a bit slower than with usb2. 
with 7200rpm drives over usb2, i can record 18 channels in ardour (the 
limit of my rme multiface) without trouble. i used to just put maxtor 
internal drives in generic enclosures, but recently had a drive failure 
which almost killed an important session, so i've switched to lacie 
drives. no troubles so far, but it hasn't been very long.


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