[ardour-users] OS Question

7lb9oz Productions viipoundproductions at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 11:25:25 PST 2005

Hello again, 
Thanks for all of the informative replies, I think
that I may have it all about sorted out now.  I just
have a few follow-up questions to completely set my
mind at ease:
> 2) Use the existing kernel or build one with patches
> of your own choice.

But should I boot into this patched kernel only for
audio work?  Does the realtime LSM present any
security risk, or did I in fact only immagine reading
this, (Very possible).
> 5) Try standard Wine or Crossover for your one
> Windows program. You might get lucky and find it 
> works. (What program is it? Look at the
> Wine AppDb to determine if others already have it
> working.

I think that if it is required, I can do without
vmware for this program.  It is just an interactive
mathematics program that basically just connects to a
server and runs flash lessons, (it is an online math
class), this seems to be something that could either
be done another way, or if I have to it is small, I
will simply run it in the windows OS.
> 6) Try Cedega Wine for any games you might want to
> play.

This one is no problem for me.  The games are all for
my 3 yr old son, he is the only reason I still use
windows at all, and it is only for things like
Mechwarrior, (aka the robot game), or BattleFront,
(aka the stormtrooper game), so I am cool with dual
booting for that purpose.

Another reply that I got suggested that I "install one
OS and set up different runlevels" - I have a fairly
good idea of what this would do, but can someone point
me to the proper documentation for how to  set it up? 

Also, it was suggested that vnc could cause problems,
but I am not allowing this machines desktop to be
remotely accessed, I am only using it to remotely
access the samba server, does that make any
difference?  What potential problems could vnc cause?

And the last question, (I think), will switching from
ubuntu to fedora core alter/affect the way I access my
samba server?  Because the samba server also runs
ubuntu, and it was a bit of a chore to get set up, but
it is literally just sitting there waiting for me to
either put data on it, or get data off...so that would
not be an issue big enough to prevent the switch.  I
cant even see a way in which it would be affected, but
I would just like to be sure.

Thank you all again, I am slowly but surely getting

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