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Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 13:22:33 PST 2005

On 11/3/05, 7lb9oz Productions <viipoundproductions at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello again,
> Thanks for all of the informative replies, I think
> that I may have it all about sorted out now.  I just
> have a few follow-up questions to completely set my
> mind at ease:
> > 2) Use the existing kernel or build one with patches
> > of your own choice.
> But should I boot into this patched kernel only for
> audio work?  Does the realtime LSM present any
> security risk, or did I in fact only immagine reading
> this, (Very possible).

It poses no major security risk that I'm aware of. It  only grants
certain permissions, such as the ability run SCHED_FIFO, etc., to
certain groups, not to anyone. Only your audio user account would be
(nominally) granted these permissions. Segregate your email to another
account if you want to be extrememly safe. I don't think anyone else
here is doing that, but you certainly could until you get more
comfortable with the whole environment.

> > 5) Try standard Wine or Crossover for your one
> > Windows program. You might get lucky and find it
> > works. (What program is it? Look at the
> > Wine AppDb to determine if others already have it
> > working.
> I think that if it is required, I can do without
> vmware for this program.  It is just an interactive
> mathematics program that basically just connects to a
> server and runs flash lessons, (it is an online math
> class), this seems to be something that could either
> be done another way, or if I have to it is small, I
> will simply run it in the windows OS.

You might, in this case, actually do even better with Win4Lin which
allows you to run a copy of Windows inside of Linux. It works very

> > 6) Try Cedega Wine for any games you might want to
> > play.
> This one is no problem for me.  The games are all for
> my 3 yr old son, he is the only reason I still use
> windows at all, and it is only for things like
> Mechwarrior, (aka the robot game), or BattleFront,
> (aka the stormtrooper game), so I am cool with dual
> booting for that purpose.

If need be. Check out Cedega as I run a number of gmaes like HAlf
Life, Starcraft and Caesar 3, in Linux and they work fine.

> Another reply that I got suggested that I "install one
> OS and set up different runlevels" - I have a fairly
> good idea of what this would do, but can someone point
> me to the proper documentation for how to  set it up?
> Also, it was suggested that vnc could cause problems,
> but I am not allowing this machines desktop to be
> remotely accessed, I am only using it to remotely
> access the samba server, does that make any
> difference?  What potential problems could vnc cause?
> And the last question, (I think), will switching from
> ubuntu to fedora core alter/affect the way I access my
> samba server?  Because the samba server also runs
> ubuntu, and it was a bit of a chore to get set up, but
> it is literally just sitting there waiting for me to
> either put data on it, or get data off...so that would
> not be an issue big enough to prevent the switch.  I
> cant even see a way in which it would be affected, but
> I would just like to be sure.
> Thank you all again, I am slowly but surely getting
> there.

I don't see why there would be any major differences with Samba, other
than possible login issues due to changes in PAM, etc. I don't think
anyone can tell you today how a login would be different. I think
you'd just jump in and work it out. I'm confident it will work.

Good lick,

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