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7lb9oz Productions viipoundproductions at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 21:40:17 PST 2005

Hello all, I have a question about the operating systems that I am currently running on my machine.  Currently I have a triple boot with windows xp for games, demudi linux for studio work, and ubuntu linux for normal daya to day, school and office stuff.  I just downloaded fedora core 3 from planet ccrma, and plan to try it out some time this weekednd.  My question is, can I, (using fedora core, or anything really), eliminate this percieved need for the "office OS"?  That is to say, with something like fedora core, is there any reason to use a seperate install for stuff like office applications, and other normal day to day type programs?  The only thing I really use besides the studio/audio stuff is office (for school), web browser (mainly for OS/studio updates and mailing lists) and I do use stuff like vnc for remote desktop on my samba server, and vmware for one program I have to run in windows for school.
Are there any considerations with what should and should not be run on a "studio only OS"?  What about considerations with the low latency stuff, and the kernel patches?  I have heard that they shouldnt be used on a typical desktop, so would I just want to keep the original kernel and boot from that when I wasnt using the studio?
Please advise, I am still a little fresh from the windows world, and I know that in windows, for serious work you pretty much need an OS that is dedicated to nothing but the DAW.
Thanks in advcance

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