[ardour-users] list behaviour change request (reply to user vs. reply to list)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Nov 4 23:59:40 PST 2005

moron hat gesagt: // moron wrote:

> On Friday 04 November 2005 12:40, Frank Barknecht wrote:
> > Search google for "reply-to munging considered harmful" to understand,
> > why it is the way it is.
> I understand why mainly one individual feels this way but that  hardly makes 
> it the "correct" way.  
> The main argument offered against "reply-munging" (I would argue it is should 
> be termed "reply-sanitizing" since that is what is being done) boils down to 
> the some people accidentally sending a note to a list they meant to go to an 
> individual.  "Reply to all" is hardly a cure for that, user error is still 
> user error.  

I don't think many people would be so misled , to use "Reply-to-all"
when intending to send a private mail. However using "Reply-To" to
send private mails is the usual way of operation. Converting a
harmless "Reply-To" to a not so harmless
"Reply-to-all-list-subscribers" is, what  "reply-sanitizing" does.

And sending private mails to the list unintentionally is not uncommon
at all if lists change the reply-to. The linux-audio-* lists work the
way you request here. Look in their archives for some very nasty flame
wars that originated in mailings that were unintentionally sent to the
list. This is *not* just some theoretical possibility, it is

In a perfect world People on lists would not use Reply-to-all but use
List-reply (like pressing "L" in Mutt). If they don't have a
List-reply command, their mail software is missing features, which
cannot be added by whatever setting of the list manager software. 

Anyway: All of this has been discussed to dead anyway all over the
net. I have to accept that lists like linux-audio-* keep a setting, that is
dangerous in my view, other list work more like I think, is sensible.
And you see it the other way around with your reasons. It all comes
down to IMHO and IYHO and the only thing, that matters, is how Paul
sees it. ;)

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