[ardour-users] Ardour + LFS (my personal project)

Pasi Karppinen pasi.karppinen at pp6.inet.fi
Wed Nov 2 16:13:09 PST 2005


Just decided to inform you that my personal project (Linux from scratch 
installation for audio use (if you remember)) is going very nicely! I'm 
not 100% satisfied with my system yet, but let me tell you -  even now 
this is the best computer experience I've ever had in my entire life 
(and I've used PC computers since 1988). I want to explain in details 
later why I think so. Majority of the things work better and faster than 
ever before and memory consumption is _very_ low. I've learned tons of 
things also. For the first time ever I have actually used a lot of time 
to learn and configure applications properly (and it's been fun!) to 
suit my very own personal needs. Somehow this LFS attitude - "Your 
distro - Your rules" motivated me to do so.

I'm pretty happy guy at the moment I've got to say, even though I 
haven't crossed the finnish line yet! There is still a lot of things 
that I need to install/configure, but this is looking very promising and 
now I actually believe I can manage to do it. I'll leave a message again 
when I'm satisfied with my system and perhaps I'll be able to share some 
screenshots and other information for those who are interested.

I want to thank those persons here on Ardour mailing list who showed me 
the way to go. I had never ever heard of Paco (package organizer 
application) before, but thanks to you now I know exactly what is 
installed on my system and where. Thanks also for encouraging me to 
build a complete system - not just for audio use, but a complete system 
for audio and everyday use. You were right - it is possible and that's 
what I'm building right now and I'm very, very satisfied! Everything is 
build with GCC so far (with safe Pentium 4 optimisations), but once I 
get everything installed I will make a backup of the entire system and 
then will try to build Ardour with Intel's compiler to see if it makes 
any difference.

This has been an interesting journey and I believe I can finally have a 
system I can be 100% satisfied with.

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