[ardour-users] list behaviour change request (reply to user vs. reply to list)

moron at industrial.org moron at industrial.org
Wed Nov 2 16:26:12 PST 2005

Howdy.  I was not sure if this was intentional or not (since if memory serves it is the default for Mailman) so I thought I would bring it up.

Currently the ardour-users list is set so that replies go to the user instead of this list.  This has two effects. . .neither of which are positive IMHO.

The first effect is that it kills off discussion on what is supposed to be a discussion list.  When users reply to messages their comments normally will go only to the original poster which means that instead of sharing knowledge and acting as an archive for such, the list will instead get a lot of questions but few answers (since those will have been sent offlist direct to the original poster).  This somewhat defeats the purpose of having a discussion list.

The second related problem is that this ultimately trains users to use "reply to all" in their email program so that their responses make it to the mailing list.  This has side effect that for every reply the original poster gets duplicate copies which is annoying to say the least.  It also means that you are training folks to "hit reply to all" instinctively (i.e. for any message) which is obviously a bad thingy. 

If this setting was not inentional, any chance of getting it changed to default so that replies go to the list?  If it was intentional, any chance of revisiting that decision?




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