[ardour-users] General low volume output

Zach Trexler zach at orangerobot.com
Mon May 30 15:34:15 PDT 2005

On Monday 30 May 2005 02:55 pm, Paul Davis wrote:

> >If it helps, I have a Delta 44 card using for input, and a crappo on-board
> >card for output.
> why are you using this configuration? your delta44 does input
> and if you're into audio in an even moderately serious way, you do all
> i/o using the same sample clock, which here means the delta44 for both
> directions.

Probably because I'm an ignorant user who's never tried to work with any of 
this equipment prior to last week.  I thought I'd give the on-board sound 
output a shot, even if it won't work very well, because, I don't have any 
other method at this point to hear the output via the Delta 44.  

> your problem is likely related to the h/w mixer settings on the
> delta44 or the other audio interface or both.

I'd have guessed that was it too, except I was able to somehow achieve higher 
volume levels (output) by tinkering with ardour.  

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