[ardour-users] best way to build up a song

Ben Powers bennyp at rogers.com
Wed Mar 16 20:10:24 PST 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 04:21 +0100, anders wrote:
> hi i'm pretty new at working with ardour/daw's so
> excuse me if these questions sound stupid/noobish.

no need for apology, thats what the list is for
> i'm working on a song and i'd like to insert space (ie
> move all regions, markers etc), a specific number of
> bars forward (or backward).. howcan i do this?
just drag you regions in object mode. shift click to select multiple
regions. click the snap-to menu and select snap to bars

> are any information when inserting space (if it's
> possible at all) sent to the jack server? i also use
> (a homebrewed version of) hydrogen (synced via jack)
> and it would be nice if whenever i insert/delete X
> bars at some pos in ardour also hydrogen would be
> updated properly, making sure they are still synced.
only way to do this is re-record. 

> i also wonder if it's possible to connect a specific
> tempo to a region. in that way i'd be able to move
> regions freely without thinking about changing the
> tempo. would be troublesome when two regions with
> different tempos interact though
yes, right click in the tempo bar (red bar) at the tempo change and add
a new tempo flag.

> are there other ways to build up a song other than
> just simply copy/move regions until you are done? i've
> recorded each part of my song once and then just reuse
> those regions when they're needed.
> perhaps it's possible to do something with the range
> markers...? :)
> any suggestions, tips? i find it pretty cumbersome to
> use muse, hydro and ardour together, because as soon
> as i wanna insert something somewhere in a song i need
> to do it in all three applications to keep them in
> sync.. how do you guys solve that?

not sure about your setup... could you elaborate?
> /anders
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