[ardour-users] best way to build up a song

anders linuxrockar at yahoo.se
Thu Mar 17 07:34:50 PST 2005

> > i'm working on a song and i'd like to insert space
> (ie
> > move all regions, markers etc), a specific number
> of
> > bars forward (or backward).. howcan i do this?
> just drag you regions in object mode. shift click to
> select multiple
> regions. click the snap-to menu and select snap to
> bars

unfortunately the tempo markers etc are still at the
same place, i was wondering if it's possible to move
the entire song, with markers and everything. if i
have like 10 tempo markers that need to be updated
manually it's a lot of work.. :-/ somehow be able to
move all the markers afterwards would also work of

> > i also wonder if it's possible to connect a
> specific
> > tempo to a region. in that way i'd be able to move
> > regions freely without thinking about changing the
> > tempo. would be troublesome when two regions with
> > different tempos interact though
> yes, right click in the tempo bar (red bar) at the
> tempo change and add
> a new tempo flag.

i didn't express myself clearly, what i meant was if
it's possible to give individual regions their own
tempo, eg. whenever i move region A and drop it
somewhere, the song will have that region's particular
tempo at that position..

> not sure about your setup... could you elaborate?

something like this would be optimal: let's say we
have a small song with a chorus and two verses
chorus: at bar 1 to 20
verse1: 30 to 40
verse2: 60 to 80
it would be cool if one could just set up the session
to play for example pos 30-40 (verse1) twice, then
perhaps chorus, verse2 etc.. like a playlist for the
song.. if that worked, i would of course not have to
bother about the tempo issues above since it would be
extremely easy to reorganize the song.


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