[ardour-users] Saving tragedy: 'cannot save state' -> 'cannot understand ardour file' :///

mArukqs marukas at hardcore.lt
Sun Mar 6 02:46:08 PST 2005

Can you give more specific information about what you were doing when the
> error occured?
> What was the last thing you did?

The last thing I did was "Clean up unused sources". Before that everything
was fine.

I still have my project folder with broken project file, so I can send my
ardour project file if you need to have a look.

I never use any national characters in file names. If it helps there was
an underscore "_" in the project name .

> Hopefully this will be fixed soon, but that doesn't help you now :(
> If it happens ,one thing you can always try to do is to rename the
> session_name.ardour.bak to session_name.ardour and try opening that. It
> should contain the previous version.

Ok - I'll try to be as careful as I can in the future.


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