[ardour-users] running ardour and linux w/out internet

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Thu Jun 16 12:06:06 PDT 2005

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

>>Well with something like Ardour, that's not really 100% documented (note I 
>>am not complaining), there is a de-facto reliance on the user/developer 
>>community for some degree of even instructive support...  how do I do xxx 
>>and it's not in any manual so you have to ask the user base.  Then the reply 
>>is, "oh, well you need to update to version xyz and then ...", where the 
>>"update" is non-trivial because it is linked to incidental updates of dozens 
>>of libraries etc.
> I see your point, yes, that is a problem of course. 
> No easy way out, I guess......

Well, this is really why I am just putting the brakes on and awaiting 1.0. 
I think there will at least be SOME psychology to 1.0 that it's "DONE" and 
therefore should be supportable without forcing an update.

FWIW going back to $oftware has its pros and cons.  I am glad to be back 
using blockfish and Freeverb 2 on Windows, they sound so good and just do 
what I need.  But getting the sound cards working has been nightmarish, not 
that attempts to use MOTU hardware on Linux would be any better.

At the moment though when using a "compressor" it is a noisy thing that 
drives a nail gun... "track" has lately referred to U-shaped sheet metal 
parts bolted to the floor on which to mount steel studs, "mike" is the name 
of the guy doing the HVAC work, "top end", "bottom end" and "air" no longer 
refer to EQ bands, and "level" and "meter" have adopted totally different 
meanings.  Can't wait to get back to music and be done with construction.

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