[ardour-users] running ardour and linux w/out internet

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jun 16 11:28:18 PDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 11:04, Josh Karnes wrote:
> Paul Davis wrote:
> >>So, please, instead of focusing what I 'should' have,
> >>is anyone willing to help me with my direct problem of
> >>viewing my DVD drive from the terminal and getting apt
> >>to find the drive to mount files?
> I had it running on FC1 off the net and everything worked great.  I didn't 
> use apt, since it seems to be really geared towards an internetworked 
> environment. 

Not entirely true, it can also work from metadata in a cdrom or dvd, for

> Instead I just installed RPM's and chased down all of the 
> dependencies manually.  It's doable.  Just copy all the RPMs from planet 
> ccrma to a CD and then mount the CD, try installing stuff, and whenever you 
> get into a failed dependency just find the file on the cd and install it 
> first.  You just have to keep notes and figure out how to tell from file 
> names what libraries are contained therein.  Takes a couple of hours to 
> completely build a box this way.

Recently I made available cdrom images for fc3 so that should not be a
problem anymore (ie: installing or updating from cdrom). But I don't
update the images as often as I would like, there does not seem to be
too much demand. 

> The flipside is that it does complicate updates.  This is one of the reasons 
> that for now, I am abandoning Ardour and Linux, which require way too 
> frequent touches and updates to keep them working. 

I sort of disagree. If you have the machine working fine and it does
what you need it to do you could very well disconnect it from the net
(and the world) and just do music. It will not "go unstable" over time.
Now, if you try to stay up to date with all apps so that you can use new
features and new bugs.... well, that's different :-)

-- Fernando

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