[ardour-users] planet ccrma apt

nicholas manojlovic nmanojlovic at aztec.aunz.com
Thu Jun 9 18:29:07 PDT 2005


i havent used the apt cds as part of my repo but i notice the
instillation instructions say to unmount the cd first. so..

$su -c
type password

if you have the cd in the drive you can type

#eject /dev/hdc or do it the old fashioned way with the button :)

#umount /dev/hdc

and then:

#apt-cdrom --cdrom=/media/cdrom add

now add the cd when prompted.

i guess you could do apt-get update but that probably wont do anything,
as i assume the apt-cdrom process already does that for you. if you did
do this last-time, possibly the error messages were from not being able
to reach the network?


apologies for any repetition.

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