[ardour-users] Plug-In dialogs and transport panel not usable in mixer window

Gerhard Zintel Gerhard.Zintel at web.de
Mon Jun 13 12:45:52 PDT 2005

Hello List,

I have a problem with the dialogs in Ardour. I don't have two monitors and so 
I have to look either to the mixer or the edior window only. Now it's totally 
annoying that, having the focus on the mixer windows and opening a plugin 
dialog, the mixer window disapears and the editor window comes into front. 
Same problem for the transport panel. I can detach i from the editor window 
but it's unusable together with he mixer window. If mixer window is in front 
and I press the play button on the detached transport panel, the mixer window 
disapears. Why am I able to detach it if it is only usable with the edior 

Is that the same for all of you? Are you quite happy with that behaviour or 
have you switched this off and only I don't know how? If not, I think about 
writing a bug report in mantis.

BTW: I'm using 0.9beta29 with KDE as the WM. Is that the same with other WMs?

Gerhard Zintel               Gerhard.Zintel<at>mrs-thomas.de
Wandererstr. 112            tel  +49 911 372635
90431 Nürnberg

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