[ardour-users] running ardour and linux w/out internet

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jun 9 14:18:25 PDT 2005

Josh Karnes hat gesagt: // Josh Karnes wrote:

> I think there are major pros and cons to running the machine off the 
> network.  Big pro is that it's more stable and runs with lower static 
> resource load if you just don't turn on any modules you would need for 
> networking...  remove the network cards of all kinds, don't load any 
> drivers or config, all that.  Frees up IRQs for sound cards and that kind 
> of thing. 

Freeing up IRQs may be a fair point, but I never had the impression,
let alone any kind of proof, that my systems became more stable the
less network cards or network processes they had inside. IMO *nix
without networking sounds like The Wrong Thing, and one good thing
with unused hardware/modules on Linux is, that you generally don't
feel their presence. (You do feel their absence, though, if you need

However I run my main machine without a floppy disk drive for three
years now since when it broke and I was too lazy to buy a new one.
I've never touched a floppy in that time nor felt the need to. So
before removing NICs, people might try to remove FDDs. Apple already
did, and from what I heard, Apple is still a big fish in sound

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