[ardour-users] Re: Freeze Function/external WAV editor

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Mon Jun 6 23:41:52 PDT 2005

Chris Bozic <cbozic at gmail.com>:

> fault.  I'm just looking for the most basic functionality involving
> spawning external editors. This will give me so much more control of
> the wav and that is VERY important to me for doing non-traditional
> effects.

Chris, come on, the Beatles did that ;} What you describe on 
http://ardour.org/mantis/view.php?id=1002 is easy to do in Ardour: 
Ctrl-Button2-drag the vocal piece to another track (timeline constrained 
copy). Right-Click on that region for context menu, reverse the 
region, setup reverb. Record that to another track. Adjust start and 
end of the new region and shift on the timeline to its position.

Think of Ardour's editor as a workspace, think of tracks as workspace. 
Think non-destructive that is. Put LADSPA parameter automation into the 
picture. Why did you need an external soundeditor again?


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