[ardour-users] Re: Freeze Function/external WAV editor

Chris Bozic cbozic at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 10:03:43 PDT 2005

Yeah, you got a point there with the Beatles.  :)  Since I started
this email thread, I have figured out many ardour-only ways to do just
about everything I want.  So, I know there are ways to do strange
things with ardour.  I still don't know if I think they are easier to
do in an external editor.  It's probably just a matter of what I am
used to.   Part of the problem for me is that some of the features are
still not documented so it's hard to figure out what to do.  I haven't
had much success getting automation to work but I haven't tried it
extensively.  How do you go about automating LADSPA parameters in

Chris Bozic

On 6/7/05, Wolfgang Woehl <tito at rumford.de> wrote:
> Chris Bozic <cbozic at gmail.com>:
> > fault.  I'm just looking for the most basic functionality involving
> > spawning external editors. This will give me so much more control of
> > the wav and that is VERY important to me for doing non-traditional
> > effects.
> Chris, come on, the Beatles did that ;} What you describe on
> http://ardour.org/mantis/view.php?id=1002 is easy to do in Ardour:
> Ctrl-Button2-drag the vocal piece to another track (timeline constrained
> copy). Right-Click on that region for context menu, reverse the
> region, setup reverb. Record that to another track. Adjust start and
> end of the new region and shift on the timeline to its position.
> Think of Ardour's editor as a workspace, think of tracks as workspace.
> Think non-destructive that is. Put LADSPA parameter automation into the
> picture. Why did you need an external soundeditor again?
> Wolfgang
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