[ardour-users] Re: Freeze Function/external WAV editor

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Mon Jun 6 13:51:32 PDT 2005

vanDongen/Gilcher wrote:

>On Monday 06 June 2005 16:50, Chris Bozic wrote:
>>While freeze seems to be a lifesaver in many situations, It would
>>still be nice to have the ability to pop open the selected object in a
>>wav editor though.  
>rightclick on a region. The context menu has an item "bounce"
>This will create a file called (IIRC) trackname-bounce-somenumber.wav or 
>something like that. Open that in your favorite editor and import into the 
>(actually it is supposed to be imported allready, but there is a bug there)
>For a range, you can select export range to audiofile. This brings up a dialog 
>like the export session one. But it will only run for the selected range.
>You may have to solo the desired tracks to get only some tracks.
>Alternatively is to record something directly into your jack-enabled audio- 
>editor. Use qjackctl or the route-parameter window to set up the connections.
>Of course these are all workarounds. What would be nice is an "open in editor" 
>option where the editor of choice can be configured in the options dialog.
>There are a number of implementation questions about that. Ardour is 
>completely non-destructive at the moment. Any permanent changes result in 
>copies that are changed, not in changes of the original source material.
>So if you edit a region that is part of a bigger audiofile, do we create a 
>copy of only the region, or a copy of the entire file. The latter is 
>inefficient, but has the advantage that you can later expand trim the thing 
>again. I have had it happen a lot that I misjudged the size of a region, and 
>then had to make a new bigger one and edit it again after a bounce. But if 
>the sourcefile is a lot bigger, it wastes a lot of diskspace, when all I 
>cared about is at most 1 second. 

I just went through this with some recent recordings that it would have 
been nice to be able to edit the wave file directly from within Ardour 
with an external editor. I would expect to see that a backup of just 
that track gets made so I can fall back to it if I mess up my edit.  
Probably redundant...

The ability is there to record track over track with all originals still 
available. Why can't the original track in question not end up as 
another "region" available track as the backed up original? Or 
automatically bounced to a "null" yet available if needed area? In terms 
of disk space, if I expect the application to cover my rear when I make 
a mistake with an edit, I guess I have to except it will "cost" 
something, in this case some disk space? Most any serious recording 
already chews up a bunch of space anyhow...Hard drives being below a 
buck / MB, I'm not sure this is a problem, at least not for me.

I'm ~completely~ ignorant to the nuts and bolts of Ardour. If these 
Ideas stink, then color me stupid! :)

>So what I want is something so clever, that it will know my intention for the 
>next week of editing :)
This would be nice. And that it could retrieve Smokes, Krispy cremes and 
Coca Cola...if that's NOT too much to ask...

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