[ardour-users] To and from Ardour

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Fri Jun 3 12:48:37 PDT 2005

Frank smith wrote:
> Hi
> Just stay on windows 98 it's nearly free now anyway, but still unstable
> for a production studio.

Au contraire...  I had 98SE running for months on end without as much as a 
reboot when I did the last album with it and Nuendo.  Occasionaly errant 
plugin caused a crash but that was it.

> As regards reputation and Ardour I don't mention what I use I just do
> it.

They ask.  Usually like "are you running Pro Tools?"  Then it goes like 
this, we answer "no, we are using Ardour..."  "what's that"  "well it runs 
on Linux and ..."  "oh, thanks, we'll be in touch".  OR "no, we're using 
Nuendo" "oh, isn't that what the Dixie Chicks producer used for their last 
record" "yeah" "great!"

> The VST thing confuses me.
> Have you tried any of the reverbs/comps that run on Linux?

Yes.  But it's more of a portability problem.  For example, if we get to 
using go-to settings and plugins on Nuendo, then try and move a project over 
for mixdown or whatever, it's a major problem not being able to use familiar 

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