[ardour-users] To and from Ardour

Frank smith fsmith at walescomputers.co.uk
Fri Jun 3 12:38:50 PDT 2005

Just stay on windows 98 it's nearly free now anyway, but still unstable
for a production studio.

As regards reputation and Ardour I don't mention what I use I just do

The VST thing confuses me.
Have you tried any of the reverbs/comps that run on Linux?

I tend, like you, to find a few that really work and stick with them.

In the end it's the sound quality thats gets the work coming in, not the
When I try win98 it's ok for a month then starts slowing down and

Moving to Linux in a production studio is a serious business,
with the attendant learning curve.
lets face it were only putting sound onto a hard drive with some
Ardour/Slab and Rosegarden do this.


Just my 2p's worth

On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 13:07 -0500, Josh Karnes wrote:
> OK all seriousness now...
> I really wanted to use Linux
> I really wanted to use Ardour
> I really wanted to run open-source software
> I really wanted to explore the virtues of LADSPA
> I really wanted to experience the system stability and efficiency of Linux 
> in Audio
> I really wanted to be able to abandon Windows forever
> But unfortunately there are too many holes to fill and we have a studio to run.
> It all came crashing down with a one-two punch starting with my studio 
> partner's computer dying from a lightning hit and the need to immediately 
> get Nuendo+Win98 running post haste on SOME computer, so the available one 
> was my Linux+Ardour box.  So I decided to wait for 1.0 Ardour and rebuild it 
> at a later date and perhaps on different hardware, and give the machine up.
> Then the #2 punch, Paul's email regarding his life changes with respect to 
> Ardour.  That makes the liklihood of 1.0 in the nearish future look a little 
> shaky.
> So the other things that piled up:
> 1.  Reputation. This is meaningless to me, I use what works, but now we are 
> running a not-just-for-Josh studio.  "Nuendo" by now is a known name and 
> "Ardour" is not, so "Nuendo" gets clients and "Ardour" scares them off.
> 2.  Portability.  While Ardour seems to be (potentially) good at importing 
> and exporting some universal project file format, Nuendo is not good at 
> importing and exporting the same thing, so moving projects to and from 
> Nuendo was not likely to be possible.
> 3.  MOTU.  Got gobs of MOTU hardware, not so gobs of support in Linux.
> 4.  VST.  Yeah I know there's some way some day of making it work some.  But 
> at the moment, the hill is just too tricky to climb for the limited use of 
> VST, which work obviously natively in Windows 98 and Nuendo.
> So those four road blocks were precariously counterbalanced by the imminent 
> 1.0 and more stable version of Ardour with promise of being able to run as 
> many copies on as many machines dongle-free as we wanted, and all the 
> windfall of merit from using open-source, etc.  So now, we're back to Win98 
> and Nuendo albeit 1.61 and I'm still remotely successfully staving off an 
> "upgrade" to XP and Nuendo 3.0.
> We have managed to end up with a complete extra machine and we may end up 
> using it for a backup to the main machine, and dual-boot it, still use 
> Ardour but it makes little sense if we own a license of Nuendo (and we do).
> You know Ardour has great potential but is impeded by some things that can 
> be overcome (1.0 stability) and some that may not be overcome (reputation, 
> hardware lack-of-support, easy and functional VST).  I hope to be back in 
> the Ardour camp but for a while at least, I'm going back to familiar Nuendo.
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