[ardour-users] Several troubles...

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Jul 28 08:26:43 PDT 2005

"Oleg Ivanenko" <oai-ash at yandex.ru>:
> http://muzik.agnula.org/view.php?view=track&id=1561

Hey Oleg, nice song. What's the story about cats?

Good pragmatic intro, works. Good singing too, very slick vocal doubles 
before and during the chorus.

Bass sounds buried to me, might be my crap speakers though. Was it 
plugged in directly or DI'ed? Or maybe it's a "slow" attack on the 
compressor that muddles the basement too much. How do real engineers 
treat bass?

The guitar work sounds freaking awesome to me. You're a guitarist 
alright. Is there a Vox tube in there? A great effect next to the great 
playing. Wow. Erm, Meooww. Way cool how the solo lingers on leisurely 
but not in the way of anything.

I think I know what you want to achieve with the drums, spread them into 
the acoustic space. But to me it sounds as if the crash rides back in 
the hall as opposed to toms and snare sitting right before my very 
nose. It sounds like a drum set that is 20 x 20 meters wide. Doesn't go 
well with the realistic, hm, samples, i guess.

Good balanced mix to my ears but I'm an amateur. You should ask Ron 
Parker. He has ears. And trouble with cats.

Be good, Wolfgang

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