[ardour-users] Several troubles...

Oleg Ivanenko oai-ash at yandex.ru
Fri Jul 29 00:52:34 PDT 2005

>Hey Oleg, nice song. What's the story about cats?

Hmmm... My English so is ugly...
This is poor trying of translation:

 Night the will wave a wing
 And I shall leave again
 How perfectly to be a cat
 And to not sleep at night

 Let in the street darkly
 And all court yard are empty
 All the same to me today 
 In fact are not afraid of darkness,

 The cats
 The cats
 The cats

 I Know pussy cat, You wait for me
 You suffered all the day
 Your Image is storing in my heart
 I run having forgotten about laziness

 I have something
 And it is better than flowers ( ;) )
 In fact you know
 That standards of beauty is


 Here you are
 Shall go with me
 I shall present to You
 Midnight sweet heat
 And then a dawn

 Only soothed(???) wholly
 We shall leave hectoring tails
 But when there will ascend the moon
 We shall remember that I and you is


Foooohhh :)

>Good pragmatic intro, works. Good singing too, very slick vocal doubles 
>before and during the chorus.

I'm not singer. This song may sound much better IMHO. But thanks anyway.

>Bass sounds buried to me, might be my crap speakers though. Was it 
>plugged in directly or DI'ed? Or maybe it's a "slow" attack on the 
>compressor that muddles the basement too much. How do real engineers 
>treat bass?

I have a second-hand bass with old strings, this is cause of "buried" sound may be, I think. It is my first bass work -- may be it is second reason.
I have not any guitar combs :((((((
All guitars recorded inline at onboard soundcard (alsa module intel8x0) :(((

>The guitar work sounds freaking awesome to me. You're a guitarist 
>alright. Is there a Vox tube in there? A great effect next to the great 
>playing. Wow. Erm, Meooww. Way cool how the solo lingers on leisurely 
>but not in the way of anything.

This is cheap guitar Washburn BT2 and more cheapest Zoom-505II.
But I LOVE all of my instruments and its love me too!
Well... and fingers... and billions attempts of course...

>I think I know what you want to achieve with the drums, spread them into 
>the acoustic space. But to me it sounds as if the crash rides back in 
>the hall as opposed to toms and snare sitting right before my very 
>nose. It sounds like a drum set that is 20 x 20 meters wide. Doesn't go 
>well with the realistic, hm, samples, i guess.

Sure. It is clear Hydrogen UltraAcousticKit by Artemio.
Without any effects and processing. I'm not a drummer :(
If any body rework my drums -- it was be cool :)

>Good balanced mix to my ears but I'm an amateur.
>You should ask Ron 
>Parker. He has ears. And trouble with cats.

I know that peoples differentiate on dogs fans and cats fans :)
It's normallly.

Thanks Wolfgang, for pleasant words in my address. Your responses bribe the clearness and impartiality and very much valuable for me. Thanks once again.

Truly yours, Oleg Ivanenko aka Ash
[Все это было бы смешно, когда бы не было так грустно]

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