[ardour-users] Re: ICE1712 Problems -

Lukas Erni lerni at gmx.ch
Sat Jul 23 11:22:22 PDT 2005

Am Samstag 23 Juli 2005 08:54 schrieb Mike Fisher:
> Sorry it took so long to respond.
> I installed jack 0.99.0 using 'emerge' in genotoo.  I activated the
> jack-tmpfs and capabilities flags too.
> I actually did get this thing running pretty good. It runs at 96KHz
> with no xruns (as long as the buffer size is at least 1024).  The
> only problem I'm having now, is that after recording and exporting,
> i get xruns consistently.  To be exact I'm recording at vocals at
> 882000.  After 3 takes of a song I start getting the xruns.  This
> also happens when I export anything besides a single region.
> Any Ideas on this one?
> Mike.

I'm on gentoo too, running a terratec ews88mt also with the ice1712. 
Is there a good reason for you to stay with a 2.4 kernel? newer 2.6 
kernels do perform excelent in therms of audio. I use the ck-sources. 
With it, jack runs fast and smoth - never got it better bevore. 
upgarading kernel can take some time but if you can... I would.

      Latest version available: 2.6.12_p3-r1
      Latest version installed: 2.6.12_p3
      Size of downloaded files: 36,748 kB
      Homepage:    http://members.optusnet.com.au/ckolivas/kernel/
      Description: Full sources for the Stock Linux kernel and Con 
Kolivas's high performance patchset
      License:     GPL-2

happy gentoo sounds

> Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 13:24 -0700, Mike Fisher wrote:
> > First, I didn't abandon my existing setup, it's on
> > another hard drive. I won't do that until I have a
> > reliable system running under linux. I'm still
> > getting the things done I need to with pro tools, just
> > not as quickly because I spend lots of time trying to
> > figure out the Linux setup.
> OK, understood.
> > I just really, really
> > want to use linux. I installed jack from tarball. I
> > don't even know what -i4 or -o4 is, but I'm guessing
> > it's from selecting 4 inputs and 4 outputs from the
> > qjackctl setup menu.
> no reason to select this. and in fact, doing so is causing you
> problems because the "hw:0" device cannot support this (it only
> allows configurations supported by the hardware itself, which in
> this case does not include 4in/4out; it would appear).
> > I get 'hundereds of xruns' while
> > in realtime mode. It was checked in qjackctl anyway
> > and the little 'RT' appears in the display window.
> yes, but the errors on startup suggest that you are not getting
> into RT mode. i am suprised to hear that qjackctl is displaying
> "RT" given the errors you've posted.
> how did you install JACK?
> --p
> (it would have been better to leave this going to the mailing list
> as well ...)
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