[ardour-users] crash with 0.9beta26

Wayne Myers waz at easynet.co.uk
Sat Feb 26 04:31:35 PST 2005

> I'm writing here because I'm experiencing some problem with the new

[description of crashes on session load snipped]

> Doing a quick serch in the archive I cannot found others reporting a
> similar problem, am I the only one with this problem?

No, I have this too with the debian unstable 0.9beta26 right now. I
can start a new project and record a few tracks, then at some seemingly
random point the session hangs and never loads again. I've been assuming
I've been doing something stupid but haven't yet figured out what, other
than 'attempting to do audio on a low memory (128M) machine'.

> Have I to fill a bug report?
> Any help, to recover my old session is appreciated.




Wayne Myers

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