Silent pc (Re: [ardour-users] Session export ?

Matthew Sewell matthewsewell at
Thu Feb 24 11:14:35 PST 2005

Changing the subject for a moment...I need to make several hardware
upgrades to accommodate Ardour.  First, I will be replacing my cheap-ass
motherboard (with the dreaded VIA chipset) and Athlon 1800 with a Dragon
2 P41865PE with an Intel chipset and 1.8 gHz P4--both of which I have
lying around.

I don't have the money to upgrade to SATA drives yet.  Currently, I am
running 2 80-gig drives on IDE channel 1 and an old 20 gig and dvd
burner on IDE channel 2.  The first IDE drive on channel 1 is my system
drive and the second is my data drive to which I write the Ardour
projects.  Drive 1 is ext3 and drive 2 is reiserfs.

My plan is to buy a gig of ram for the Dragon 2, ditch the 20 gig drive,
upgrade from RH9 to FC3, move the dvd drive to the same IDE channel as
the system disk, and move the data drive to IDE channel 2 where it will
be the only drive.

I understand that I could get better performance by keeping the system
HD alone on IDE 1, the dvd drive alone on IDE 2, and the data drive in a
firewire enclosure so that it is off the IDE interface all together. 
The question is whether this is going to give me much of an edge or
not.  Would it be better to hold out for a SATA drive rather than buying
an enclosure?  Money is really tight right now, so If I can get away
with a cheap system that is usable, I will do it.

Any ideas?

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 15:37, Scott Helmke wrote:
> I gotta say, you're extremely lucky in your daughter.  My brother has an 8 
> year-old daughter, and not only is she a big Kylie Minogue fan and watches 
> "Idol" religiously, she's not at all happy with the music her parents make.  

That's the thing.  We don't have cable so my daughter thinks that TV is
a thing that shows movies over the LAN by way of a modified linux box. 
She thinks that Britany Spears is a skank and that Barbie dolls have
eating disorders.  Her greatest aspirations involve learning ANSI C and
building her own hardware.  She sleeps with a stuffed penguin and wears
the Geek badge proudly!

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