Silent pc (Re: [ardour-users] Session export ?

gerard van dongen gml at
Thu Feb 24 12:16:24 PST 2005

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 11:14:35 -0800, Matthew Sewell  
<matthewsewell at> wrote:

> Changing the subject for a moment...I need to make several hardware
> upgrades to accommodate Ardour.  First, I will be replacing my cheap-ass
> motherboard (with the dreaded VIA chipset) and Athlon 1800 with a Dragon
> 2 P41865PE with an Intel chipset and 1.8 gHz P4--both of which I have
> lying around.
> I don't have the money to upgrade to SATA drives yet.  Currently, I am
> running 2 80-gig drives on IDE channel 1 and an old 20 gig and dvd
> burner on IDE channel 2.  The first IDE drive on channel 1 is my system
> drive and the second is my data drive to which I write the Ardour
> projects.  Drive 1 is ext3 and drive 2 is reiserfs.
> My plan is to buy a gig of ram for the Dragon 2, ditch the 20 gig drive,
> upgrade from RH9 to FC3, move the dvd drive to the same IDE channel as
> the system disk, and move the data drive to IDE channel 2 where it will
> be the only drive.
That sounds fine. Stay away from reiserfs for your audio disk though. ext3  
of XFS is better for big files like audio files.
Unless you have a massive multichannel soundcard, you can easily move all  
the tracks you want from a single modern ide disk.
I just tested and I got 48 tracks playback without problem. It is only  
when there are also a soundcards moving 24 channels or more at the same  
time that you may run into trouble.


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