Silent pc (Re: [ardour-users] Session export ?

Scott Helmke scott at
Wed Feb 23 15:37:45 PST 2005

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 18:20, Matthew Sewell wrote:
> Recording is usually a two person job anyway.  My daughter and I had a
> great time trying to determine the *best* way for us to record a
> kalimba.  She suggested a pencil mic pointed down at the top of it from
> above.  This didn't pick up quite the tone we were looking for, so we
> repositioned it so that it was 3 inches away and pointed directly at the
> side of the instrument with the low-end response rolled off.  We then
> made the recording in the doorway of the bathroom so that the mic picked
> up a small but transparent amount of natural small-room-with-tile reverb
> from the side.

I gotta say, you're extremely lucky in your daughter.  My brother has an 8 
year-old daughter, and not only is she a big Kylie Minogue fan and watches 
"Idol" religiously, she's not at all happy with the music her parents make.  


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