re [ardour-users] cannot send quarter-frame MTC message

Geoff Beasley songshop at
Thu Feb 10 04:30:57 PST 2005

G'day Marco,

This happens when you have  "seq" selected as your mtc output device. 
This is the sequencer device provided by alsa for midi communication and 
won't handle time code. You need to select a hardware midi device; here 
is a problem I have frequently  encountered.... I have a midiman  2x4 
usb midi device but ardour only gives me 1 hw device, and even then I 
have to delete my ardour.rc file to see it ! I have two hw midi devices 
and the seq listed in ardour.rc but only hw 1 and seq appear in the 
selection box.

Is this still the case  anyone ?
I'm using beta 24, but it's been  the same  for a while.

I have used MTC  sucessfully with Samplitude 7.22 and Ardour beta 19 and 
it worked well enough for me to finish  an album late last year.

Good luck.

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