[ardour-users] large file Problem while recording

Droebbel droebbel.melta at gmx.de
Mon Feb 7 15:12:18 PST 2005


Recording fails as soon as the file sizes reach 2048M on a ext3
partition. Error message:

[ERROR]: Butler write-behind failure on dstream Audio 1
[ERROR]: FileSource: "/home/rec/test/ounds/Audio 1-2%L.wav" bad write
(Das Argument ist ungültig)
[ERROR]: DiskStream 1235103346: cannot write to disk
[ERROR]: DiskStream "Audio1": cannot flush captured data to disk!

"Das Argument ist ungültig" is "invalid argument"

This looks smilar to the problem described here:

There was mentioned a solution to come involving building from source
with special parameters, but no details were given.

What can I do?



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