[ardour-users] Ardour and Linux Audio presentation

Jon Morin jon.j.morin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 11:38:02 PST 2005

Hi all,

I have been asked to give a mini-seminar and live demonstration later
this year on Ardour and Linux audio applications to the audio
engineering students at the university that I work for.  I plan to do
a general overview of Linux with some diagrams and web links for
further reading, some info about applications available, and supported

Next, I will give a live demo of a session in the recording studio at
the university.  I'll bring in my computer, and set it up next to the
ProTools machine that they are used to using, connect it to the
projector so they all can see what I'm doing, and basically do a
simple recording and mixing session with Ardour.

The point is these students work with nice, expensive hardware and
ProTools on a nice fast Macintosh computer in the studio, but when the
class ends, many will want to continue their work in the home studio
environment, and the director there wants me to present Linux as an
affordable and stable alternative for pro audio work (as opposed to
students having to buy ProTools, Sonar, Reason, or whatever) to get
some decent work done.

I plan on having someone videorecord the presentation and demo, and if
it comes out any good, I'll make up DVD's and distribute them to
whomever wants one for the cost of the media and shipping.

Any ideas on stuff to include, or how to make this a killer
presentation?  BTW, sorry to cross-post, but I felt that this
pertained to both the Ardour group and the LAU folks (many who are on
both lists).  I'm just overjoyed that I will get to show this stuff
and hopefully convert a few users :)  I'm also thinking about burning
off a bunch of copies of the various audio-focused distros to hand out
at the seminar.

Jon M.

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