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ross at lug.udel.edu ross at lug.udel.edu
Mon Feb 7 09:04:10 PST 2005

On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 08:57:36AM -0800, Mark Knecht wrote:
> On paper I've always thought Jazz++ looks very interesting. It has
> some feature for writing drum parts that are much more intersting than
> matrix drum editors. You can write rults for patterns that tell it to
> always play on one beat but to play randomly on another beat some
> percentage of the time. I found the language hard to really make work
> but some of the stuff it did was quite interesting.

Yea, I too found it hard to use when I was trying it out back in the
day.  I don't think I ever finished a tune with it - I was chased
squarely back to Cakewalk.  Then again, Linux Audio was in its infancy
back then.  ALSA was maybe 0.2/3, I had a crummy SBPro soundcard, and
was on Kernel 2.0.30.  On top of all that, I'm just a bit wiser to the
ways of free software these days ::-)

Maybe I'll check it out again - I've kind of been dying to get a
decent MIDI composition suite, and I do agree with the original poster
that Rosegarden has been frustrating to get working.

> Jazz++ not actively developed anymore. (I think.)

I think you're right, but the website links to a SF project,
JazzPlusPlus (of all confusing names they could've picked...), that
talks about updating Jazz and improving it.

> Linux lacks for one really all encompassing audio/MIDI application for
> recording and composing.

I don't even so much care about recording+composition - I used Cakewalk just
because I liked the interface for composition.  It's sheet music input
was very efficient and simple to use.  But here I am being the worst
kind of free software user - complaining, but unwilling to do anything
about it ::-).  

Ross Vandegrift
ross at lug.udel.edu

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