[ardour-users] "State could not be saved"

Matt Savigear mcs_ardour at savigear.com
Sun Feb 6 11:59:12 PST 2005


I've been using a ardour for a while now, mostly with great success, but the
version I am currently using appears to have a problem with disk access when
trying to save project information. Every time I try to perform an operation
such as switching the record function I get messages along the lines of:

[ERROR]: State could not be saved to /home/matt/localmusic/fotf/fotf.ardour
[ERROR]: State could not be saved to /home/matt/localmusic/fotf/fotf.pending
[ERROR]: State could not be saved to /home/matt/localmusic/fotf/fotf.ardour

This is a problem for newly created projects, but doesn't seem to affect
earlier ones. I do have write access to the appropriate directories and files.

I am using 0.9 beta 23

Am I doing something stupid or is this a known bug? I can't find it in mantis.

Thanks in advance,

Matt Savigear.

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