[ardour-users] dumudi ok ardour no input

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Tue Feb 1 21:02:50 PST 2005

> I suspect I havent routed the line input to ardour or something but
> Im not sure where to check first.

Windows -> Track/Bus Inspector -> All existing tracks/busses show up 
here and this is where you connect them to something: Inputs like 
alsa_pcm capture channels or other jacked sources, Outputs like 
alsa_pcm playback channels or other jack contractors, Redirects like 

You didn't ask but if you have the signal you'll probably want to hear 
it too. There is monitoring through software and through hardware 
respectively. Both mechanisms have their benefits:

Software monitoring lets you hear an input signal through Ardour's 
signal path including plugins (Options -> Misc -> Run plugins while 
recording). But you get to hear it with the latency that JACK 
prescribes. The latency is system dependant and can be relatively high. 
Usually a bad thing for monitoring a live signal.

Hardware monitoring means: Some soundcards can route an input signal 
directly to one of its outputs with only a couple of dsp cycles 
latency. A good thing for monitoring a live signal.

Options -> Hardware monitoring / Software monitoring
Check Options -> Sync -> "Align recorded material with ..." as well.


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