[ardour-users] dumudi ok ardour no input

david headon davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 2 23:05:44 PST 2005

Hi gang... I'm new to this list so please bear with

   I have Agnula DeMudi taking op 100 GB of my drive
at the momment, with the other  100 split tween
Mandrake 10.1 community and Win XP.  HAve been using
cubase to do audio work as i can't seem to get Ardour
to record any audio.  Would love to have ardour to do
tracking and maybe cubase for certain effects or

    The Debian system seems devoid of anything like
'automount' so i have to log in as root and mount my
cdroms etc.  Any quick solution for that? Verry time
consuming... ALso, the alsa mixer shows lots of inputs
like 'line' that don't seem physically present. My
soundcard is a Realtec ALC655 rev 0  - not the best
i'm assuming....

    I have on loan a Tascam  US 122 USB mic i/o. Any
ideas about alsa support for that puppy? I know usb
isnt ideal but hey - it's there! 

Thanx in advance to y'all


 --- Wolfgang Woehl <tito at rumford.de> wrote: 
> > I suspect I havent routed the line input to ardour
> or something but
> > Im not sure where to check first.
> Windows -> Track/Bus Inspector -> All existing
> tracks/busses show up 
> here and this is where you connect them to
> something: Inputs like 
> alsa_pcm capture channels or other jacked sources,
> Outputs like 
> alsa_pcm playback channels or other jack
> contractors, Redirects like 
> plugins.
> You didn't ask but if you have the signal you'll
> probably want to hear 
> it too. There is monitoring through software and
> through hardware 
> respectively. Both mechanisms have their benefits:
> Software monitoring lets you hear an input signal
> through Ardour's 
> signal path including plugins (Options -> Misc ->
> Run plugins while 
> recording). But you get to hear it with the latency
> that JACK 
> prescribes. The latency is system dependant and can
> be relatively high. 
> Usually a bad thing for monitoring a live signal.
> Hardware monitoring means: Some soundcards can route
> an input signal 
> directly to one of its outputs with only a couple of
> dsp cycles 
> latency. A good thing for monitoring a live signal.
> Options -> Hardware monitoring / Software monitoring
> Check Options -> Sync -> "Align recorded material
> with ..." as well.
> Wolfgang
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