[ardour-users] dumudi ok ardour no input

michael garuda at wi.rr.com
Tue Feb 1 19:07:46 PST 2005

make sure jack is running,  make sure you have the input for the track 
set up ( I think that might be your problem) , run alsamixergui and make 
sure your volumes on the channels are OK

vector wrote:

> HI all
> Im very close I think
> I installed dumudi and it looked pretty good outa the box
> I did have a small problem with the cd player reading errors during 
> install
> so I apt-get update --fix-missing and apt-get upgrade just to be sure
> I get sound ok i can play a cd get the drumsynth banging away etc
> ardour starts
> But i cant seem to to get a signal from the line input.
> I have audio coming in on line (i prove this by moving the line input 
> slider and noticing the output vol change) using gnome volume control
> i create a new audio track in ardour and arm it for rec
> i select edit mixer and get the audio 1 column up
> but I dont see the input vu meter move up and down as i expect it should.
> i hit rec anyway and i get a track with nothing in it so Im sure its 
> route problem?
> I suspect I havent routed the line input to ardour or something but Im 
> not sure where to check first.
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