[ardour-users] Multiple recording takes

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Tue Dec 13 10:31:42 PST 2005

On 13 December 2005 at 10:50, vanDongen/Gilcher <gml at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> How did you record the multiple takes?
> Did you just record regions/takes on top of each other?
> Ardour will play the topmost region in a track, basically what is visible.
> (You can set a region to transparent, and then it will play what is below it 
> as well, but by default all regions are created opaque.)

Above is what I did, and apparently what I'm looking at too.  Seems 

> Did you record the takes into different playlists?
> (that is the intended use of multiple playlists per track after all)
> Then you just select the appropiate playlist for each track.

I don't yet fully grasp the "playlist" concept.  It seems pretty 
powerful tho.



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