[ardour-users] How to cut out segments in CD-arranged recording?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Tue Dec 13 07:50:33 PST 2005

On 12/13/05, greennick (sent by Nabble.com) <lists at nabble.com> wrote:
>  (Regarding a discussion from a week ago about cutting out segments of dead
> audio between tracks for a CD recording, even though locations have already
> been set to precisely mark CD track starts and stops, where exporting
> multiple chunks with separate TOCs was suggested...)
> Think there's any way to do this (multiple exports) without losing the
> precise locations marked for track divisions?  I can't figure out how to
> make regions to do what I want, and the online help is horrible.

Well, once you export the multiple ranges I'm afraid you will lose the
relevance of the CD track start stops (unless they correspond exactly
to the exported files).

Unfortunately, there is also no easy way to export exactly the range
between range markers, because there is no good way to snap the end of
the range selection to the end of a range marker.  If only we had a
function to set the range selection from a range marker :( .
But if you want to try, you'll want to use the Range mouse-mode, draw
a selection (over a track) then do Session->Export->Export Range...
for each.  The snap-to marker mode will only snap to the start range
marker (not the the end), so it is of limited use.

I recommend that you stop wasting your time with this in ardour, and
just export the whole thing (gaps and all) as one file, and use
gcdmaster (from cdrdao package) to compose your TOC.  It should let
you do what you want.  And if it can, then eventually ardour's CD
export features will too.


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