[ardour-users] How to cut out segments in CD-arranged recording?

greennick (sent by Nabble.com) lists at nabble.com
Tue Dec 13 02:23:53 PST 2005

(Regarding a discussion from a week ago about cutting out segments of dead audio between tracks for a CD recording, even though locations have already been set to precisely mark CD track starts and stops, where exporting multiple chunks with separate TOCs was suggested...)

Think there's any way to do this (multiple exports) without losing the precise locations marked for track divisions?  I can't figure out how to make regions to do what I want, and the online help is horrible.  

Oh, that TOC file...I was going to paste but realized it contains personal info in the track listings.  Hit me a reply and I'll get your e-mail again to hit you that way.  Thanks!
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