[ardour-users] installing FC3/CCRMA from 1-10

mlaschiazza at comcast.net mlaschiazza at comcast.net
Fri Dec 2 16:11:25 PST 2005


I am doing some more research before I do the whole trial and error because I feel there can be a lot of error with this whole deal. Ok, Here are a few questions and then can someone list some of the 10 basic steps to installing. I shall try and then head for the next 20. ok,

1. I have FC3 - Does CCRMA have an update for that?
2. Can I install FC3 and then put the CCrma kernal in? Or do I have to put the CCrma kernal in first?
3. Well I shall keep reading the install notes, they are making more sence as I keep reading them......

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