[ardour-users] OSX port

Ben Powers bennyp at rogers.com
Mon Dec 12 19:34:30 PST 2005

There's a pretty convincing Aqua theme for GTK 2
comes bundled with gimp.app (gimp-app.sf.net)

     Blessed Be,

On 5-Dec-05, at 11:11 AM, Jesse Chappell wrote:

> On 12/5/05, Neil Shaw <neilshaw at mac.com> wrote:
>> Is there any work being done on an OSX port of Ardour 2 ?
> Ardour no longer has to be "ported" to OSX, the development effort
> works on both platforms (just as ardour1 did with gtk on X11).  That
> being said, ardour2 is still in the toddler stage, so we don't
> recommend anyone try it unless they are developers who want to help
> find the issues.   And we recommend you join the #ardour IRC channel
> on Freenode if you do try.
> And hopefully someday, as harold mentioned, gtk2 will be successfully
> ported to native OSX (although i wonder how much of a gain that will
> really be, since I doubt it will *look* native).
> jlc
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